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According to customers' feedback, normal female vibrator can't meet their requirements anymore, sometimes they prefer the sucking function, which will bring them more different sexual excitment. So what about if you get a toy that has both functions? That's the one you are reviewing now! This female vibrator not only can be used as other vibrators to stimulate your clitoris, but it has 10 frequency pulse sucking. Jus give it a try! 

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Female Vibrator with 10 frequency pulse sucking

Product Code HST00HY01
Brand can be OEM
Colour yellow& blue
Designed For female
Diameter 300*30*30mm
Material Name Silicone+ABS
Products Power USB charging
Product Weight 55.0g
MOQ 500pcs
500pcs $17.9/pc
1000pcs $16.9/pc
2000pcs $15.5/pc
over 2000pcs $14.9/pc