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Are Sex Toys Safe?

Are Sex Toys Safe?

Thinking about buying sex toys for the first time? Heard horror stories that give doubt in to your mind? Well take a look at our brief guide that outlines how safe sex toys are.

Sex toys are very safe to use and also buy, you just need to buy your adult toys from a respectable manufacturer like HANSEN Elerctronics Technology. 

At HANSEN Electronics Technology, our vibrators, male sex toys and female sex toys are all of good quality, so you don’t have to worry about your sexual pleasure. When purchasing a dildo, sex vibrators, vibration eggs from HANSEN, you can rest assured knowing that you have some of the most well tested and best quality sex toys available.

We have a dedicated buying team to ensure that all the adult toys and novelties that we receive have undergone rigorous testing before shipment.

A study into the safety of sex toys conducted by the Swedish Chemicals Agency actually found that sex toys were safer than children’s toys. This is due to the materials that sex toys are made with. Nowadays, many sex toys are made from high quality materials like silicone, body-safe TPE, or even extremely high quality PVC. Old school sex toys were made with lower quality materials which may have contained phthalates. HANSEN Electronics Technology understands how important sexual health and well-being is, as such we will use the highest, most body safe materials available on the market to ensure that our customers are getting the best sex toys available.

When buying a sex toy it is very important to look at the type of material that it is made from. Ideally you want to be buying sex toys that are non-porous. This is because a porous material allows for bacterium to grow on the surface, meaning that use can lead to bacterial infections. Materials like glass or silicone are non-porous, meaning that these are a better quality product.


Another important thing to remember is sex toy hygiene and cleanliness. You have to remember to always clean your adult toy before and after use in order to wash the bacteria off it. This is especially important if you are sharing a sex toy with a partner. If you have a double penetration dildo or sex toy that you are using for both vaginal and anal play, then you will want to make sure that you clean it before changing holes, especially when going from your anus into your vagina.

In summary, in order to ensure your sex toys are safe make sure you take proper care of them as well as buying from a reputable company. HANSEN Electronics Technology has been producing and selling sex toys for 6 years, and we have very good reputation among overseas customers from the USA, Germany, Italy, Portugal, etc. So buy the best sex toys today from HANSEN, we are also able to accept any OEM orders!